Welcome To the New Blog — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Linda! I’m glad to be able to stay connected with you after our Adventures in Round Tables at Killer Nashville. I’m so glad I went and got to meet so many fellow writers. Now I won’t feel so alone, hunched over my keyboard, typing away, being able to picture so many others out there doing the same.

    Wishing you all the best with your upcoming book!

    • Thanks Melanie for visiting my blog. It’s new and I’m not sure yet about what all to post. I still invite authors who visit here to share some magic words on how they write their books while working full-time. Maybe the reality is simply putting in those hours you can on the writing. I prefer magic (a lot easier), but I don’t always get what I want.

      Good for you that you got the attention of an agent at a Round Table and a good publisher. Hope that turns into something for you.

  2. In some ways being a writer is more difficult that it used to be–referring to all that is expected as far as promotion. But when you look back at the typewriter/carbon paper/mail your manuscript in a box to the publisher days, it’s easier. When I first started really writing I was working as a pre-school teacher and going to college and three of my five kids were still home. I got up early to write, and I wrote whenever I could squeeze the time in. Later I had a care home, caring for 6 developmentally disabled women, and I wrote for at least 3 hours a day when they were a their day program. I edited what I wrote in bed. All the promotion stuff kind of crept in later and it is a big time eater. However, you must promote so that people will know about your book. My only advice is for you to segment your time as best you can. And get your family to help out as much as possible.

    • Thanks for the advice, Marilyn. When I lived in California, I remember you telling a group of us at Sisters in Crime about getting those hours in while you were working as a caregiving for those women. I am turning what I can over to my husband who has mucho more time then me, but finding I like to micro manage. I’ll have to find a balance there too.
      And yes, thank goodness I’m writing in an era of computers rather than typewriters and carbon paper instead of copy machines. I remember how hard it was to complete a college report on a typewriter.
      P.S. Your November 2nd post seems to be in my blog correctly.

  3. I did it! My first blog post, your comment, and my reply. I’m struggling to keep my anonymity. But I figured it out. Frankly, I’m flabbergasted by all the Social Media marketing I must do to promote my book. You will have to do a lot of your own marketing too. I’ll be around as counsel for you as you embark on that path. Now I need to find a Nashville writer who is 6 months farther down the path than I, who has the time to help me along. I look forward to reading your book.

    • Thanks Stan. I have to hand it to you, you put out a book that, unfortunately, a good number of folks can relate to. That should have a market there if you can tap into it. I can relate through many other folks I’ve met. Some were acquaintances, like a realtor I spent time with when looking for a home once. Several neighbors in several neighborhoods I’ve lived in over my lifetime. Employees in several different places where I’ve worked. I’ve also watched something just as bizarre happen to one of my brothers. I enjoyed your ending to the whole ordeal much better than the ending in my brother’s case.

  4. Congratulations on your new blog! It’s amazing all the forms of media now and how many ways there are to express ideas. I’m so happy for you that you’ve come this far and I wish you all success in your book publication and the second book coming up!