Too Much to Do


Writing, Social Media, Marketing, and Keeping a Day Job

Well, it’s another day. Do I write more on my second book, get on social media, market my first book, or do I go to work? Going to work when I’m scheduled takes precedence if I want to keep my job. So that answers that, but what about all of the rest of it?

The second book in my mystery series, A Promotion to Die For, has fifteen chapters completed along with an unnumbered climax chapter (I can’t write a story without first knowing the beginning and the end). Much of the rest of this novel is in my head but every time I would start to put it on paper, two hours into the process I’d come up with some brilliant idea to use in my first (supposedly completed) book.

In late June of this year, I signed a publishing contract for my debut novel taking away my ability to revert back to it, revising, polishing. Problem solved? Not really.

Now, everything else is in the way. So here I am marketing book one in the relatively new world of social media and internet sites, stumbling through blogs and forums. All things I’m told I should’ve started some time ago. Judy Kenagy, the lead character in my series, complains in A Promotion to Die For about all the new technology. She’s operating in a pre-Katrina 2005 setting, oblivious to what I deal with in 2014. See the excerpt below from chapter one of this work in progress:

 My beeper went off and by the time I recognized Dan’s phone number, my cell phone was ringing. I yanked it from my purse so quickly I lost hold and watched it sail over my head, heard the thud when it hit the thin carpet. I dropped down on all fours, reaching.

 When did it all happen that people could find you anywhere at any time? Cell phones, beepers, e-mails. Gawd, I was pushing fifty and couldn’t react as fast as I used to. I snatched the phone up and opened it. “Hello.”

 “What took you so long?” Dan asked.

 “I dropped the . . . Oouch!”

 “Where are you?”

 “Under my desk where I lost the phone, I hit my head trying to get up. Hold on.” Phone in one hand, I pushed the chair away from the desk with the other, then used the seat as a prop to get to my feet. “You beeped me and then called. I’m not a juggler.”

 “Sorry,” he said.

 “Oh, it’s just me, still adjusting to this damn technology.”

I don’t know how Judy would’ve fared today with social media and technology on steroids.

My point is I have to find a way to balance it all. The promotion I’m doing now is just the beginning of a marketing plan I need to implement. My full-time job takes a major portion of my time. I’m so much better at writing now than I was when I first started that my second book should come along quickly; that is, if I can ever get to it.

How do you make time for your writing with the necessary marketing when you also have a full-time job or other time-draining priorities?



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Too Much to Do — 2 Comments

  1. Janine K. Spendlove said her family cut out television. Not sure I could do that. I’ve considered cutting out family, but they know where I live.

    • LOL. As for the TV, I basically cut that out quite a while back (except for national news for 30 minutes a night).