My Publishing Contract Crowning

My Crowning for the Publishing ContractLily Wilson just posted this on the Nashville Writers Meetup site. The picture was taken in July at the Mystery, Suspense, and Thriller’s meeting. Shortly before going, I e-mailed the other members that I had a publishing contract for my debut novel, Just Another Termination. Either Kathleen Cosgrove or Lily created a crown in short order and brought it for me to wear. I returned it after the meeting as I understand the crowning may become a standard procedure for others with similar happy news.

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My Publishing Contract Crowning — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks Kathleen. I look lackadaisical in the picture . . . probably in a kind of shock since I’d been looking for a publisher for so long. I don’t think it had hit me that I had one. It was a nice surprise to get the crown and attention. Thanks again.