Marilyn Meredith’s Done It Again. This time she’s given a character my name.

Once more this author of probably thirty-five or more books has written another one while I’m only in the process of writing my second book in my series. Her latest is in her Tempe Crabtree series. Let’s hear what she has to say. – Linda

The Character Named Linda Thorne

Linda won my last contest to have her name used in a Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery. The Linda Thorne in Not as it Seems is one of the bridesmaids chosen by Blair’s fiancée to be in their wedding. Linda is tall and has long red hair—and she also has some secrets. And, the big fact about her is she’s a suspect in a murder.

When giving a character the name of a real person, you can be sure that the character will neither look like nor be like the person who has shared their name. Another criteria is that in most cases, they will not reappear in another book in the series.

I warned Linda the character who sported her name might not be the nicest person—and she didn’t seem to mind.

I’m not going to say any more because I don’t want to spoil the mystery. What I will say is I loved writing this book as it’s set in a real place that I love to visit, Morro Bay.

Thank you, Linda, for allowing me to borrow your name for this character. I really had fun writing her.


Not as It Seems Blurb:NotAsItSeems-lg

Tempe and Hutch travel to Morro Bay for son Blair’s wedding, but when the maid-of-honor disappears, Tempe tries to find her. The search is complicated by ghosts and Native spirits.

Character Naming Contest:

Once again, I’ll name a character after the person who leaves a comment on the most blogs.

Tomorrow I’ll be stopping by Evelyn Cullet’s  and telling where the idea for Not as It Seems came from.


Marilyn Meredith now lives in the foothills of the Southern Sierra, about 1000 feet lower than Tempe’s Bear Creek, but much resembles the fictional town and surroundings. She has nearly 40 books published, mostly mysteries. Besides writing, she loves to give presentations to writers’ groups. She’s on the board of the Public Safety Writers Association, and a member of Mystery Writers of America and three chapters of Sisters in Crime, including the Central Coast chapter.   Me at CC SinC signing

Tomorrow I’ll be visiting Dames of Dialogue and Betty Dravis asked me to tell how I got started writing.

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Marilyn Meredith’s Done It Again. This time she’s given a character my name. — 24 Comments

  1. OH, Marilyn, congratulations! This is an astonishing accomplishment, and (even though you can’t see me) I am giving you a standing ovation. Hurray!

    And yes, I think It’s so intriguing how COMPLICATED it is when you use a real person’s name. I don’t like to make them be bad guys, but then–we don’t always know at the time, right? And I have changed many a name when the character I thought would be tertiary and “good” moved front and center–and became not so pleasant. But hey–that’s the fun part, right?

    Cannot wait to read what happens to your LInda! xoxoo

  2. Thank you, Linda, for hosting me today. I do hope we’ll get some fun visitors. There’s a mistake, my error, the first place it says I’ll be tomorrow, I’ve already been, further down is the correct place.

  3. Good morning,
    Really sounds interesting and mysterious. Looking forward to reading more about the red head.

  4. You’re quite welcome, Marilyn. Always a pleasure. Looks like Hank arrived a few minutes before you. She’s on Boston time you on California, so while quite early for you it’s late morning for her. Lots of comments already.

  5. As a writer I love hearing about how my pen and ink friends write. I also enjoy learning about their books. This looks really interesting. Thanks for posting the interview.

  6. I’m up to chapter 12. Your not-so-nice character, Linda Thorne, is quite a character. Really fun reading her with my name. It doesn’t matter to me how bad she gets. After all, it’s just a name. 🙂

  7. I took a half day of paid time off from work this morning because of a doctor’s appointment (late morning), so I got to join in earlier. I just got home from the day job and saw there were lots of comments. I bet a lot of people peeked in too and didn’t comment. Fairly standard. Marilyn, I love your story about using your gay friend’s name for a macho cop character. Good going. And some people think us of the elder years are objecting and opinionated in the old-way standards? Not.

  8. It’s still early on Pacific time. We might see more, but it has been fun. A lot of visitors don’t have pictures on my website. I wonder if that’s the website or that you all don’t have pictures on Word Press or some other reason. I did note that some of my comments have my picture and some do not. Hmmm. I’m always looking for glitches to fix.
    wish you success with this book. From what I’ve read so far, it’s a winner. Thank you, Marilyn, for visiting today.

  9. Naming characters is always a challenge! Glad Linda enjoyed her “cameo” in your book! Some of my friends have made appearances in my books and they always get a kick out of it!

  10. More than 36 books? Yikes! I don’t know how you do it and maintain your schedule. I love the cover and am very fond of Morro Bay so now get a chance to read one of your books set there. Great! Good luck.

  11. Amy, thanks for stopping by. I am enjoying my “cameo.” Haven’t finished the book yet, so don’t know how bad Linda Thorne gets, but Marilyn did say she wouldn’t kill her off.
    Yeah, Cora,can you believe how Marilyn churns these books out? No way do I have the talent to move that fast and still produce a quality book.

    • Cora, I think I’m nearing 40, but I haven’t stopped to count. I’ve written some that will never see the light of day–for good reason. I just keep plugging along.