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Tennessee-Nashville at Night with Author Linda Thorne

On Monday March 5th, I was at work when my boss stepped across the hall from her office to mine, stood in my doorway, and told me the first case of Coronavirus in Tennessee had been reported in her county, a county adjacent to where we worked in downtown Nashville. That was the beginning. By the end of the week the iconic ATT&T building in downtown Nashville (also known as the Batman Building) was closed for cleaning due to a second case.

From there a domino effect went into action and reports popped up here and there, and everywhere.  On March 12, just a week from the start, Tennessee Governor Lee issued an executive order declaring a state of emergency until mid-May. The next day, Friday March 13th, was my husband’s birthday. We decided to take a chance and go out to dinner while we still could. The picture below is us enjoying a night out at a Mexican restaurant.


After dinner, my husband suggested we hit Great Clips for haircuts, saying this might be our last hooray before places closed. We got haircuts and then went undercover.

On March 16, Nashville mayor forced bars to close in Nashville and all other cities in Davidson County and imposed limitations on restaurants. Schools were closed by March 20.

On April 2, Governor Lee issued a temporary “stay at home” executive order for the entire state. Barbershops, beauty salons, and restaurants closed too. The order continued to be extended. Sometime close to the end of March my employer ordered all non-essential workers to work from home. To the day of this post, I still work from home with no sign of this changing. Below is a picture of downtown Nashville on a regular Saturday night before the entertainment places were closed followed by what the city looked like after the closure.

On May 15, the state of Tennessee announced Phase 2 reopening. I believe this was when hair salons, restaurants, and gyms could reopen under certain restrictions. I had my hair cut at the safest place I knew on two separate occasions, but the last time, the beautician next to mine was not wearing a mask. She had a doctor’s excuse not to. I never went back. My husband never went to begin with. He bought clippers online and we have helped each other cut our own hair. A first for both of us.

Killer Nashville’s Writer’s Conference continued to choo-choo along as if it could pull off its big conference planned for August 20th through August 23rd. It had much of the schedule prepared, speakers, assigned, but by the end of the first week of July, it too threw in the towel. I’ve included the link to a post I wrote about this sad event: Killer Nashville, The Pandemic, and Me at: https://makeminemystery.blogspot.com/2020/07/killer-nashville-pandemic-and-me.html

Following the fall of Killer Nashville’s 16th annual writer’s conference, the 32nd annual Tennessee famed Southern Festival of Books went on earlier this month, but virtually, leaving out the tents, the book sales, the outdoor activities, the vendors, the indoor author sessions, and the crowds. It did go on, but not with the indoor/outdoor festivities it has come to be known for.


It’s sad for me to watch such a lively city wait to come back.





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