2014 Southern Festival of Books in the Rain

Session called Mysterious Characters: Creating Characters Mystery Readers Love. Author Alana White introduces panelist left to right: Ken Vanderpool, Lisa Wysocky, Jennie Bentley, and Jaden Terrell at the panel put on by Sisters in Crime Middle TN.Southern Festival of Books 2014 010Southern Festival of Books 2014 009Southern Festival of Books 2014 006Southern Festival of Books 2014 008

Southern Festival of Books 2014 002Southern Festival of Books 2014 007


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2014 Southern Festival of Books in the Rain — 2 Comments

  1. linda:

    Downloading pix to your blog. I’m impressed! The rain definitely hampered and hindered the Event and attendance. And we can’t get a do over. There’s always next Fall. I’m gonna do the Jack Daniels Barbeque Fest Oct. 25, in Lynchburg, Tn. and then forego the Fest tour for Winter and focus on other outlets for marketing. See ya at the next meet-up. When’s your new book coming out?


  2. All I know about my new book is that it’s out of the queue and being edited at Black Opal Books. I’ll get a copy in about 2 to 3 weeks so I can make the changes they requested. I have no idea when it will be published.

    I know when I’ve seen books in the booths at these places and didn’t buy them, that I often bought them later – a year or two when I saw them or heard of them a second time. Even if you don’t sell many books, I think you are marketing them every time some sees or hears about them.