Guest Author Marilyn Meredith Posts About Her Latest Book Release

I welcome Marilyn Meredith to my blog again today, still amazed by her ability to continue publishing well written, interesting, and unique books. She currently has two mystery series. Her newest release is in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree series.



Of course the main characters are the now-retired Deputy Tempe Crabtree and her husband, Hutch Hutchinson, along with a slew of others.

Since this mystery is set in a 55-plus gated community, the majority of the characters are senior citizens. I’ve been one for years, and so have many for friends—but none like the ones I’ve created, with the exception of one.

The one is Jonathan Reynolds who is remarkably like my son-in-law, Mike. The reason is the whole idea for the plot and title is based on something my daughter told me about him. I couldn’t imagine another person except for him—so the description of Jonathan in the book, though not exact, is a lot like Mike.

Jonathan’s wife Samantha is not like my daughter, not in looks or what she does.

Jonathan and Samantha’s neighbors are all major characters, the first being Katherine Sullivan, the murder victim. She was the closest to the Reynolds’ ages. Katherine’s son, David, is not at all fond of Jonathan.

Philip Ferguson who speaks too loudly because of hearing loss, and Martin Bellacort, an artist, are the two widowers who were both interested in Katherine.

And then there are the widows: Gail Halstine the crafty one with the impressive bosom and too much eye-make up; Rose Marshall with signs of dementia; Prissy Calloway, the neighborhood gossip, and Ellen Wilbur, frail and ought to be in assisted living.

Detective Sung, who is positive Jonathan is guilty, and doesn’t want any help from Tempe.

The deceased writer, Erle Stanley Gardner also makes an appearance. How is that possible? If you’ve read any of the other Deputy Tempe Crabtree mysteries you probably have a pretty good idea.


Official Blurb:

Deputy Tempe Crabtree has retired from her job in Bear Creek when friends, who once lived in Bear Creek and attended Pastor Hutch’s church, ask her to visit them in Temecula. The husband, Jonathan, is a suspect in what might be a murder case. The retirement community includes many interesting characters, any of whom might have had a better motive than Jonathan. There is also a connection to Earle Stanley Gardner as well as the Pechanga Old Oak. What is a trash harem? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

To purchase The Trash Harem

Marilyn Meredith’s Bio:
She is the author of over 40 published books including the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series, and writing as F. M. Meredith, the Rocky Bluff P.D. series. She’s a member of two chapters of Sisters in Crime and the Public Safety Writers Association.




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2020 Post for 50 Authors from 50 States

Tennessee-Nashville at Night with Author Linda Thorne

On Monday March 5th, I was at work when my boss stepped across the hall from her office to mine, stood in my doorway, and told me the first case of Coronavirus in Tennessee had been reported in her county, a county adjacent to where we worked in downtown Nashville. That was the beginning. By the end of the week the iconic ATT&T building in downtown Nashville (also known as the Batman Building) was closed for cleaning due to a second case.

From there a domino effect went into action and reports popped up here and there, and everywhere.  On March 12, just a week from the start, Tennessee Governor Lee issued an executive order declaring a state of emergency until mid-May. The next day, Friday March 13th, was my husband’s birthday. We decided to take a chance and go out to dinner while we still could. The picture below is us enjoying a night out at a Mexican restaurant.


After dinner, my husband suggested we hit Great Clips for haircuts, saying this might be our last hooray before places closed. We got haircuts and then went undercover.

On March 16, Nashville mayor forced bars to close in Nashville and all other cities in Davidson County and imposed limitations on restaurants. Schools were closed by March 20.

On April 2, Governor Lee issued a temporary “stay at home” executive order for the entire state. Barbershops, beauty salons, and restaurants closed too. The order continued to be extended. Sometime close to the end of March my employer ordered all non-essential workers to work from home. To the day of this post, I still work from home with no sign of this changing. Below is a picture of downtown Nashville on a regular Saturday night before the entertainment places were closed followed by what the city looked like after the closure.

On May 15, the state of Tennessee announced Phase 2 reopening. I believe this was when hair salons, restaurants, and gyms could reopen under certain restrictions. I had my hair cut at the safest place I knew on two separate occasions, but the last time, the beautician next to mine was not wearing a mask. She had a doctor’s excuse not to. I never went back. My husband never went to begin with. He bought clippers online and we have helped each other cut our own hair. A first for both of us.

Killer Nashville’s Writer’s Conference continued to choo-choo along as if it could pull off its big conference planned for August 20th through August 23rd. It had much of the schedule prepared, speakers, assigned, but by the end of the first week of July, it too threw in the towel. I’ve included the link to a post I wrote about this sad event: Killer Nashville, The Pandemic, and Me at:

Following the fall of Killer Nashville’s 16th annual writer’s conference, the 32nd annual Tennessee famed Southern Festival of Books went on earlier this month, but virtually, leaving out the tents, the book sales, the outdoor activities, the vendors, the indoor author sessions, and the crowds. It did go on, but not with the indoor/outdoor festivities it has come to be known for.


It’s sad for me to watch such a lively city wait to come back.





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Marilyn Meredith With Inspired Bones in the Attic

Marilyn Meredith has visited my blog many times in the past. Each time with yet another good book coming out. I believe she’s gone over the mid-forties in number of books published. I’ve honestly lost count and remain awestricken on how she continues to write and to publish book after book. Once more I’m proud to introduce Marilyn Meredith.

Real Events that Inspired Bones in the Attic

Once I decided to write about this topic, I realized I couldn’t tell much because it would spoil the ending. All I can say about the two big events is they did happen, but not exactly as I wrote about them. I used what happened and made it work for the plot.

So instead, I’ll tell you about some other real-life situations I’ve worked into this plot.

One of the characters in the book and others in the series is a teen who loses her mother to cancer and must go to live with a father she doesn’t know. This young girl is a white/black mix with blonde curly hair. I based her on a darling little boy I know with a similar appearance. Everyone loves him—however, with my character, things don’t go so smoothly.

Ryan Strickland, an ongoing character, and one who has changed the most since the beginning of this series, is the father to a toddler with Down syndrome. For 10 years I worked in a pre-school for kids with developmental disabilities and came to love these kids. Later I owned and lived in a licensed home for adult women with disabilities, four of whom had Down syndrome. I’ve had other experiences with children and adults with Downs, and one thing I’ve learned is the more normal they are brought up the happier and better off they are.

One of the biggest examples in my life was a boy about 11 with Downs who was in a summer program I ran for the recreation department. His mom brought him and another boy (older and more mentally disabled) to the park every day. One day, she slept in and when she woke she realized he was gone. She frantically called the police. This remarkable kid, made his lunch and one for his friend, walked to his friend’s house to get him, (his mom thought the first boy’s mother was waiting in a car.) Together they walked the three miles to their destination without a problem. The boy’s mom was amazed. He was far more capable than she imagined.

My hope is to show that the toddler in my story does well by being treated as much like any other child her age.

Though the Rocky Bluff P.D. series are all mysteries I’ve had one major goal with each one. I’ve wanted to show the private and family lives of these officers. No, they are not all perfect, a few have had major problems, but in most cases, these men and women are balancing their jobs and families as best they can.

And though I’ve not experienced the law enforcement side of things, I do know enough officers (related to a couple) to see what they are like–so much different than what is depicted on TV.

Blurb: The discovery of a skeleton, a welfare check on a senior citizen, and a wildfire challenge the Rocky Bluff P.D.

Bio: Marilyn Meredith, who writes the RBPD mystery series as F.M. Meredith, is the author of over 40 published books. She once lived in a small beach town much like Rocky Bluff, and has many relatives and friends in law enforcement. Webpage
And she’s a regular on these blogs:
2nd and 4th Tuesday:
4th Monday of the month:

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My Post on Killer Nashville Conference published on Make Mine Mystery


Fun Time at Killer Nashville’s 2019 International Writers’ Conference
by Linda Thorne

What a fun time I had last month at Killer Nashville’s Writers’ Conference. This year the guests were Alexandra Ivy, David Morrell, and Joyce Carol Oates.

The first authors’ panel I participated in covered one of my favorite subjects: How To Master Setting held Friday 8-24.

From left to right: Debra Gaskill, Randy Overbeck, me, John Carenen, Baron Birtcher, and lead panelist, Jim Nesbitt.

Baron Birtcher (above with long hair) won three Silver Falchion awards this year for Book of the Year, Best Action Adventure, and Best Attending Author. John Carenen, who sat beside me, tied with Joseph Simurdiak for the KN Claymore Award.

Saturday, I had two author panels. Curl of by the Fire: Writing the Cozy: 

From left to right: Debra Goldstein, me, J.C. Kenney, lead panelist Maggie Toussaint, Phyllis Gobbell, and Alexia Gordan.

Two of these panelist won Silver Falchion Awards. Phyllis Gobbell won for Best Cozy (subject of our panel), and Maggie Toussaint for Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror.

Saralyn Richard, who shares the same publisher I have, Black Opal Books, won the Killer Nashville Reader’s Choice Award.

I was the lead for my final author panel Saturday on a favorite topic, Writing Without an Outline. Below are the other panel members.

Amy Rivers & Rich Zahradnik                                                   R.G. (Dick) Belsky

PD Halt                                                                                      Kerry Peresta







Great conference. Lots to do and learn, and a great deal of fun year after year.


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My Scheduled Sessions at Killer Nashville’s 2019 Writers Conference

by Linda Thorne

Hope you’ll join me starting Friday August 23rd through Sunday August 25th at Killer Nashville held at the Embassy Suites in Franklin, Tennessee. Here’s where I’ll be. Friday in the Hickory room from 9:40 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. on an author panel called How To Master Setting. Saturday I’ll be in the Rosebud from 9:20 a.m. to 10:10 a.m. on another author panel called Curl Up By the Fire: Writing the Cozy Mystery. Also on Saturday, I will be lead host to the author panel in the Oak room on Writing without an Outline from 10:20 a.m. to 11:10 a.m.

On Sunday I’ll be signing books in the Azalea room from 11:50 a.m. to 12:10 a.m. I’ll keep you posted on any changes.

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DJ Adamson Visits with her Newest Book

Congratulations D.J. Adamson, with the publication of yet another great Lillian Dove mystery!

D. J. Adamson
Award Winning & Nominated Author

Book 3, Lillian Dove Series
Let Her Go

Murder, Betrayal, Love Gone Wrong
Dr. Conrad’s family is attacked. His wife is murdered. He and his son are seriously injured. Teenage daughter, Peyton, is missing. Lillian Dove needs to find Peyton Conrad to set the minds of Frytown at ease.

Book 3 of the Lillian Dove Series offers readers another page-turning romp of suspense as Lillian is pulled into another one of the Frytown Police Department criminal cases.

Amazon Paperback   Amazon Kindle

D. J. Adamson is an award winning author for both her mystery novels and her science fiction novel. She is the editor of Le Coeur de l’Artiste, Book Reviews, a newsletter which reviews books, and a blog, L’Artiste with offers authors the venue to write on craft, marketing, and the creative mind. D.J. teaches writing and literature, and to keep busy when she is not writing or teaching, she has been a board member of Sisters in Crime Los Angeles and Sisters in Crime Central Coast, a member of the Southern California Mystery Writers Organization, California Writers Club and Greater Los Angeles Writer’s Society. Her books can be found and purchased in bookstores and on Amazon. To find her, her blog L’Artiste, or newsletter go to Make friends with her on Facebook or Goodreads.

Lillian Dove Series: Admit to Mayhem, Book 1
Now on Audible!
Suppose, Book 2
Deviation Trilogy: Outre, Book 1
Go to website: for more information and to
sign up for her free newsletter, Le Coeur de l’Artiste, Book Reviews


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Author Marilyn Meredith Returns

I met Marilyn Meredith for the first time at a book signing in Hanford, California in the Central Valley of California on October 30, 2004 (see picture – she’s top left). After that I heard her talk at the Sisters in Crime meeting in Fresno. I saw her often at those regular SinC monthly meetings. Later, when I was more into writing, I went to other presentations and trainings by Marilyn in Fresno and Visalia, California until I moved to Tennessee in late 2007. Then I saw Marilyn again when she came to our Killer Nashville Writers Conference. She is an amazing woman with a big family and more published books than I could ever dream of in another life. Thank you, Marilyn, for allowing me to host you once more on my blog with the great post below.


Why Do I Keep Writing?

That’s truly a great question.

The answer isn’t because I’ve become rich and famous. Though I’ve been writing and publishing for years, the money has not been pouring in, nor am I well known. So, then why do I continue on?

The easiest answer is because I’m a writer. I love writing. I love creating my own worlds populated with people I know better than those who populate the world I live in. As a mystery writer, I like being able to see that the bad guy is caught in every book—something that doesn’t always happen in real life.

Because I’m writing a series, the only way I can know what is happening next with my characters is to write the next book.

I really love talking with readers those who have read my books and those I’m telling about my books when I’m giving a presentation. And yes, I love talking and teaching about writing.

I enjoy all the things that come along with the writing: the friendship of other writers, belonging to writers’ groups, attending writing and mystery events, and yes, all the promotion when a new book comes out.

Those fans of my series who keep urging me to write the next book are another reason I keep on writing.

And last of all, what would I do with myself if I wasn’t writing?

Marilyn, who writes the RBPD series as F. M. Meredith

Blurb: Too many people are telling lies: The husband of the murder victim and his secretary, the victim’s boss and co-workers in the day care center, her stalker, and Detective Milligan’s daughter.


Bio: F. M. Meredith who is also known as Marilyn once lived in a beach town much like Rocky Bluff. She has many friends and relatives in law enforcement. She’s a member of MWA, 3 chapters of Sisters in Crime and serves on the PSWA Board.

Facebook: Marilyn Meredith
Twitter: @marilynmeredith

Tomorrow I’ll be heading over to Marja McGraw’s blog to tell about What’s Next.

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The 30th Annual Southern Festival of Books October 13, 2018

It was cool (high 60 degrees) and cloud cover, but dry. Perfect fall weather.

I ran into Michael Turner who runs Nashville Writer’s Meetup Group and then went over and joined in with some members at the booth.

I visited the Middle Tennessee Sister’s in Crime booth and then went to the Sister’s in Crime panel.

A good time.




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The 29th Southern Festival of Books 10-13 – 10-15, 2017

The setting before the event then Me, Bob Mangeot, & Beth (Jaden) Terrell at SinC’s booth

What a fun time. I wasn’t on a panel this year, but I will be again when I get my second book comes out. This year all of the panels and author sessions were held at the downtown Nashville Library. The Legislative Plaza rooms are no longer used for sessions. I spent my time there at the Middle Tennessee Sisters in Crime booth. I’ll share some of the pictures.

Taken from inside the Sisters in Crime Booth

Author D. Alan Lewis manning the Nashville Writer’s Meetup Group booth again this year.

I bought the grey long sleeve T-shirt on sale with many others and then walked around to

see the other tents.

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Author Marilyn Meredith with Yet Another New Release

Welcome Marilyn Meredith who is once again visiting my author blog on another of her Tempe Crabtree book tours. Big news. She may be retiring this series and this may be the last of her many, many Tempe Crabtree mysteries. Let’s see what she has to say today:

How Sisters in Crime has Helped My Writing Career

by Marilyn Meredith

Being a founding member of the San Joaquin Sisters in Crime and one of the earliest members in the Central Coast Sisters in Crime has not only been beneficial but has been a great experience.

Probably the best that has come out of those memberships is all the friends I’ve made. Friends I’ve roomed with at conferences in many different places: Anchorage Alaska, Bellingham Washington, Monterey, Sacramento and San Francisco and other places I’ve forgotten.

Since the beginning, I’ve met other authors and readers. I’ve enjoyed talks about experts in many fields such as coroners who shared gruesome photos of murder victims and gave me ideas for future mysteries. Once a female police officer shared her experiences and as always, I took many notes, and a plot for a story grew out of those notes.

Lawyers, detectives, crime scene investigators, law enforcement officers, and profilers have all been willing to share their expertise with us. I’ve gathered so much information and learned so much.

I’ve also been the featured speaker at both groups many times, sharing some ideas about writing and promotion that I’ve learned along the way. I’ve done an interactive How to Write a Mystery program that’s lots of fun for me and the attendees.

I also belong to the Los Angeles chapter of Sisters in Crime, but haven’t been able to attend much, though once, long ago, I gave a talk about e-books before most people had even heard about them.

I get newsletters from the National chapter as well as all three groups that I belong to. All of them have helpful information. They all have listserves where questions can be asked and answered.

Anyone who is a mystery writer or reader should join a local chapter of Sisters in Crime. You won’t regret it. My membership has been invaluable to me.


Blurb for A Cold Death:

Deputy Tempe Crabtree and her husband answer the call for help with unruly guests visiting a closed summer camp during a huge snow storm and are trapped there along with the others. One is a murderer.

Anyone who orders any of my books from the publisher‘s website:
can get 10% off by entering MP20 coupon code in the shopping cart. This is good all the time for all my books, E-books and print books.

On Kindle:


Marilyn Meredith’s published book count is nearing 40. She is one of the founding members of the San Joaquin chapter of Sister in Crime. She taught writing for Writers Digest Schools for 10 years, and was an instructor at the prestigious Maui Writers Retreat, and has taught at many writers’ conferences. Marilyn is a member of three chapters of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, and serves on the board of the Public Safety Writers of America. She lives in the foothills of the Sierra, a place with many similarities to Tempe Crabtree’s patrol area. Webpage:

Blog: and you can follow her on Facebook.

Contest: Once again I’m going to use the name of the person who comments on the most blogs on my tour for the next Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery—which may be the last in the series.

Tomorrow I’ll be here:

Library Presentations



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