About Linda Thorne

Linda Thorne grew up in the desert city of Phoenix, Arizona where she spent much of her spare time at the local library that, unlike her home, had air conditioning. There, she browsed through the stacks of books until she would find the one she wanted to read.Thorne_006

Thorne began pursuing her true passion, writing, in 2005. Since then, she has published numerous short stories in the genres of mystery, thriller, and romance. Two of her stories were selected to be read on the public radio station for the San Joaquin Valley of California. Her debut novel, Just Another Termination, is her first in a planned series of Judy Kenagy mysteries and is under contract for publication. She is currently writing the second in the series, A Promotion to Die For.

Like her lead character, Thorne is a career human resources manager. She has worked in the HR profession in Arizona, Colorado, Mississippi, California, and now, Tennessee. Her positions have ranged in title from vice-president (a small savings and loan), director, manager, specialist, to generalist. She holds a BS degree in business from Arizona State University and has completed a number of graduate-level courses in her field.

Since her move to Tennessee in 2008, Thorne has handled the human resources function for a call center in Nashville. She lives in Hermitage, a nearby suburb, with her husband, Dave, and two border collies (fur people), Abby and Mo.

How it Began
(An Addendum to the Bio)