The Black Madonna by Linda Kane – Book Excerpt and Slideshow

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The Black Madonna is a story about a group of people from the 12th century, the Cathars who fought for religious tolerance in Occitan, France.
It’s about a woman who lost all that she loved to find the last words conveyed to Thomas by Jesus Christ and the people who will stop at nothing from preventing her from bringing the words to light.

A Short Excerpt from The Black Madonna

The book had been a gift from her grandparents, but it was likely to get her killed…

Looking up, Luci spotted the monk standing on the third-floor balcony of the Center. He seemed frightened. He turned and looked behind him as if he was listening to someone. Then he faced back toward the railing, made the sign of the cross, and pitched himself forward.

“No!” Luci screamed.

He landed, arms outstretched, on some metal spikes jutting out of the concrete slab. Luci saw that, in his hand, he was still holding the tarot card. It was the card of Justice. Luci began to hyperventilate. She tore herself away from the horrible sight and scanned the crowd, searching for Janet. She couldn’t see her anywhere. The ambulance and fire truck were arriving. Too many people, too much noise. Luci could barely breathe. She saw Janet walking out of the library. Luci grabbed a sack of the birdseed that she always carried to feed the birds on her break. Dumping the seeds out she began to breathe into the paper bag. How could the monk have known about the book, and why had he wanted it enough to die? Her skin went clammy, as she fought for breath.

The paramedics raced over to the monk and immediately pronounced him dead. Someone pointed out Luci to the second paramedic. He saw that she was in distress, raced over to her, and slipped an oxygen mask over her nose. “Breathe,” he said.

She could hear people off in the distance. Someone said, “I think she’s having a heart attack.”

“Don’t go to sleep,” the paramedic said. “Stay with me and keep breathing.

The last thing she heard before the ambulance door closed was Janet’s harsh whisper near her ear. “Don’t think you’re getting out of going to France, Luci.

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