Guest Author Marilyn Meredith Posts About Her Latest Book Release

I welcome Marilyn Meredith to my blog again today, still amazed by her ability to continue publishing well written, interesting, and unique books. She currently has two mystery series. Her newest release is in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree series.



Of course the main characters are the now-retired Deputy Tempe Crabtree and her husband, Hutch Hutchinson, along with a slew of others.

Since this mystery is set in a 55-plus gated community, the majority of the characters are senior citizens. I’ve been one for years, and so have many for friends—but none like the ones I’ve created, with the exception of one.

The one is Jonathan Reynolds who is remarkably like my son-in-law, Mike. The reason is the whole idea for the plot and title is based on something my daughter told me about him. I couldn’t imagine another person except for him—so the description of Jonathan in the book, though not exact, is a lot like Mike.

Jonathan’s wife Samantha is not like my daughter, not in looks or what she does.

Jonathan and Samantha’s neighbors are all major characters, the first being Katherine Sullivan, the murder victim. She was the closest to the Reynolds’ ages. Katherine’s son, David, is not at all fond of Jonathan.

Philip Ferguson who speaks too loudly because of hearing loss, and Martin Bellacort, an artist, are the two widowers who were both interested in Katherine.

And then there are the widows: Gail Halstine the crafty one with the impressive bosom and too much eye-make up; Rose Marshall with signs of dementia; Prissy Calloway, the neighborhood gossip, and Ellen Wilbur, frail and ought to be in assisted living.

Detective Sung, who is positive Jonathan is guilty, and doesn’t want any help from Tempe.

The deceased writer, Erle Stanley Gardner also makes an appearance. How is that possible? If you’ve read any of the other Deputy Tempe Crabtree mysteries you probably have a pretty good idea.


Official Blurb:

Deputy Tempe Crabtree has retired from her job in Bear Creek when friends, who once lived in Bear Creek and attended Pastor Hutch’s church, ask her to visit them in Temecula. The husband, Jonathan, is a suspect in what might be a murder case. The retirement community includes many interesting characters, any of whom might have had a better motive than Jonathan. There is also a connection to Earle Stanley Gardner as well as the Pechanga Old Oak. What is a trash harem? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

To purchase The Trash Harem

Marilyn Meredith’s Bio:
She is the author of over 40 published books including the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series, and writing as F. M. Meredith, the Rocky Bluff P.D. series. She’s a member of two chapters of Sisters in Crime and the Public Safety Writers Association.




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Guest Author Marilyn Meredith Posts About Her Latest Book Release — 15 Comments

    • Saralyn, Mike says he feels like a celebrity. He doesn’t read much fiction, but only took 2 days to get through mine. He guessed the wrong person as the murderer.

  1. I’ll bet old Perry Mason would have liked this one. I can’t wait to read it.

  2. Linda, I enjoyed your post about mystery author Marilyn Meredith’s newest release. It grabbed my attention. I can’t wait to read “THE TRASH HAREM”.